Frequently Asked Questions & Stuff


Where is Evil Community located?

Well, seeing as it's evil, i would say probably in Illinois, except that Evil Dude once voted for Wisconsin's state governor. Probably on the border.

Why is Evil Community evil?

Because it's in Illinois. Duh.

Why did you create Evil Community?

I am currently in high school, and i have a cartooning class. This is my product. Plus the Evil Dude's been my icon for about 4 years now and i needed to do something other than draw him on chalk boards & stuff.

Who inspired each of the characters?

Evil Dude himself is inspired by Daffy Duck. the rest of the characters have all been inspired by Barbara Streisand.

I do not understand most of your comics. What the hell?

You are clinically brain dead. My professional team of scurvy-ridden lab rats will give you surgery immediately. Hand me that rusty toothbrush, please.

I live in Illinois and i find your insulting of my


It's insulting.

That's the point.

What's up with all the sausage jokes?

In art, there are stick people. Sausage people are the next step up, before drawing actual people. I felt that sausage people were better than actual people for the comic strip for two reasons: (1) it assigns a less definite shape to them and fits well with the face charactures i already had, and (b) i am lazy.

What's up with the photos of the Festiva, Martha Stewart, pigs, etc.?

I thought it would be funny to incorporate pictures of real stuff in a comic. As for why i chose Martha Stewart and a Festiva, that ought to be obvious. The inherent humor content contained in both items is ubiquitous.

I did not undersand some of the words in that last sentence.

I think that's funny. Look, i'm laughing.

Why are you so mean to me?

Because i am a filthy sadist.

What does "All your base are belong to Taco Bell" mean?

If you replace "Taco Bell" with "us," it's funny.



Your mom!

No, YOUR mom!

Was that funny?


Why does it hurt when i pee?

um...i think this FAQ section is over now...

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