Evil Dude is the lead character of the strip. He's been my icon for years, and this is my first constructive use of him. Evil Dude, for the most part, does everything that i wouldn't. He drives a Ford. He voted for Doyle. These things make him evil. Don't mess with him or he might...umm...yeah. He might.

Crack Addict is Evil Dude's neighbor and best friend. He's addicted to crack, pot, speed, heroin, and like every other illegal drug. Don't mess with him or he'll sit on you. My friend April says he needs to get laid.

Evil Dude has an Evil Dog, who is rarely seen but trust me he's there. Most noted for pooping on the Crack Addict's lawn. Evil Dog is actually the second Evil character ever created. You could say that he spawned the rest of the community. One day, about two years after Evil Dude's creation, my girlfriend told me, quote, "Your evil dude needs a girlfriend or something." At one point, Evil Dude did have a girlfriend, who could only be drawn by my girlfriend, but she's actually only been drawn once. Huh.

My favorite character to draw is Psycho Killer. Psycho Killer is the worst rapper in the world. His hobbies include killing people, rapping, eating sausage, and killing people. He is the worst rapper there ever was. My friend April says he needs to get laid.

The Biker Bitch was actually my aunt's idea, because she is a self-proclaimed biker bitch. Biker Bitch is the "singer" for the punk band Paradigm Pudding. In the comic she's currently called "Biker Chick" because this is a school project.

Evil Bedbug was created by accident. My art teacher had us working with Sumi brushes for a few weeks, and one assignment was to just put random strokes on paper and then fill in details. Hence, Evil Bedbug. The original line was his mouth (without teeth). Evil Bedbug spends his entire life conspiring to take over the world.

This was another Sumi design that became something accidentally. The Happy Whale is the drummer for the punk band Paradigm Pudding. The Happy Whale doesn't really pop up all that often.

As a Junior in High School, i took a Fashion Merchandising class. To model the clothes i drew, i needed...well, a model. I decided that it had to be someone with a mullet. Mullet Man is now my own personal Silent Bob, for purposes in the comic. His alter-ego is the all-powerful Super Mullet, a superhero who can fly and has a mullet. He's the bassist for the punk band Paradigm Pudding.

My comic has a pimp. His name is Pimp. That's some funny stuff right there. This character is most noted for pimping out Evil Dude's mom (Martha Stewart).

Evil Dude is the son of Original Sin and Martha Stewart. Original Sin here actually is the first drawing of Evil Dude that i ever made. Some day, maybe i'll post an "Evolution of Evil Dude" to the site, but not now. Original Sin is a senile cannibal who once ate the family's cat. This is probably why Evil Dude turned evil.

This is my friend Chris, author of the web comic Bob the Psycho. Chris was originally intended as a one-joke character, but i decided that i needed someone to abuse. Overall, i think i have the most fun drawing Chris comics because of the reaction i get out of the real life Chris. You should email Chris and send him your sympathy.



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